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IT Support

Where Can Your Company Get IT Support Help When You Need it Most?

Where can you find 24/7  IT Support when the chips are down? You have 90 minutes to make a deadline, and suddenly you have a computer or network problem. You've been frantically calling your Managed IT Services provider, and all you've been getting is voice mail  Missing the deadline could cost your business thousands of dollars, or worse yet, it could cost you that promotion you've been working for. You need IT Support ASAP!  Who can you rely on to keep your computers, applications and network running when your business is on the line?


Neact – Your “Go To Guys” for IT Support

Neact has over 25 years of experience providing helping our customers weather their most difficult technology challenges. Neact’s Suite of Managed IT Support Services monitors and manages the health of your network, servers, and applications 24x365, all at one low monthly rate. Neact’s Help Desk is available 24x7 to provide instant IT Help to your employees when they need it most.  Our sole focus is keeping your IT running so that you can focus on your customers.


Neact: 24/7 IT Help for Workstations, Servers, Applications and Network

Since 1984, Computer Systems and Methods has been delivering 24x7 IT Support Services to some of the world's most demanding organizations.  Our dual Network Operations Centers (NOCs) monitor and troubleshoot your network, applications and servers around the clock. Neact's North American IT Help Center is staffed 24x365 by certified technicians that are just a phone call away to solve any workstation issue.


We’re Not Just 24/7 IT Help...

Neact also delivers IT Solutions to our customers that are  designed to streamline their business, insure that their systems are always operational, and give your business a competitive advantage.


IT Help Practice Areas

  • Window and Mac Workstation Support
  • Linux and Windows Servers
  • Network Support for Most Major Manufacturers
  • 24x7 Remote Help Desk
  • 24x7 Managed IT Services


Why Neact?

You are never alone. Neact provides  IT Help 24/7 for any technology problem big or small. We are the IT Support Help you need, any time of the day or night.